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In-depth understanding of data structures and algorithms

Skilled in C/C++, Perl
In-depth understanding of data structures and algorithms
Familiar with Linux/Unix platform, Shell, MySQL
Participated in large-scale software development, know how to use Perforce
A solid foundation of knowledge related to digital image processing
Skilled in developing Windows applications with Microsoft Visual C++,familiar with MFC With excellent learning, adaptability, strong sense of
responsibility, good team spirit , ambitiousness, loyal dedication, gratitude, I hope to work and learn stably, gain experience and improve myself in 5 years.
Skills and Strengths
Professional Features:
1. be engaged in sales of rubber compound products in home market, hold the work experience of the rubber compound industry;New Ideas On Wedding Favors
2. be engaged in sales of silicone products in overseas markets, hold the work experience of the silicone rubber products industry;Delicate Wedding favors
3. be engaged in chemical production and research experience, skilled in the general Chemical Engineering production process;
4. master a variety of chemical and physical analysis of trace detection methods, skilled in the use a variety of analytical testing instruments;
5. passed the CET-4, proficiency in operating computers, skilled in the use of MS and other office software.1. Knowledge on material selection, such as plastic resin, metal sheet, New Ideas on Wedding Favors rubbers.
2. Familiar with some techniques, such as plastic injection molding, overmold, rubber compressing, stamping, die casting, aluminium extrusion, machining and Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas
different heatsink fabrication.
3. Familiar with DFMEA/Best Practice to guide the design.
4. Experience with using dimension equipments to collect the data, and GD&T analysis.
5. Skilled in SOLIDWORKS, PROE, AUTOCAD, OFFICE, Daptiv, Agile software.

Familiar with process of sheet metal parts and tooling parts

*4 years' working experience in mechanical design.
*Familiar with process of sheet metal parts and tooling parts, and known about material properties,
*Well use 3D Software like Autodesk Inventor, can use Solidworks, Pro/E, and well use 2D software like Auto CAD.1. I am cheerful, and sincere to others. Works is responsible earnestly, has practical ability and good team cooperation spirit, can quickly adapt to the environment, and embrace them.
2. I have good literary background.School essay contest was awarded prizes.
3. I have rich spirit; have the good learning experiences, and learning German related proof class. Daily communication can.
4. Computer ability : computer level (c, c + +), c #, SQL, Access, CAD, Flash, office, etc.well-informed enterprise management and operation flow
well-informed ISO9001/ISO14001/ROHS instruction/QS 9000
Experienced management capability Wedding Wear for Kids in project management for 3years
Experienced new project development and functioning
Experienced management capability in quality for 2 years
Proficient operated capability for quality management method and tools
Masterly operation capability in computer such as office, CAD, project etc.
Excellent thought capability inRomantic Wedding Chocolates logical thinkinga year of work experience with Communication design, participate in the design-related projects many times, with some project management experience, familiar with the CAD drawing Wedding Favor Ideas, project budget software; familiar with C, have some C programming skills, the communication network has better understanding; more familiar with the computer network, Cisco completed training and graduated; English through the CET-6, a
better reading and writing skills. With communication and mathematical statistics
Skills and StrengthsFamiliar with C programming language, have some programming skills. Familiar with CAD drawings, engineering estimates software, SAS statistical software and
other software, familiar with word, excel and other office software and computer-related use. Wedding Favor Ideas

Skills and Strengths

I have a good communication and organization skills, as well as a strong sense of flexibility and aspiration to knowledge. I had done well in applying what I learnt through the competitions i took part in: competition of real estate planning and energy saving and technological innovation in social practice. When I served as a student union minister, i involved in couple of campus events, which have endowed me with strong sensitivity to changes and progresses in practical ability. I am skilled in Windows Office software and Auto CAD. Have good professional knowledge in marketing and trading Adept in electronic business; capable observer of market demand.#61548; Diligent, earnest and responsible, Tireless at assimilating new knowledge, creative and aspiring, good time management
 Competent in independent work as well as a good team player Competent in various tasks, and good at assignment schedulingeducated in germany top3 technical university
accent free germany speakerfew internship in famous germany automobile industry .i.e. volkswagen , continental, fraunhofer institut
cae engineer with strong theoretical background
2 years cae experience on germany automobil supplier ZF ChinaSelf-confident, proactive, team spirits, excellent capability of self-study
Skills and Strengths
Be familiar with common office software such as word, excel, power point and so on
Master CAD software including Solidworks, Pro/E wildfire, AutoCAD
Master thermal simulation software-Flotherm
Master FEA technology based on CAE software, including Abaqus,Ansys
Be familiar with FMEA, DOE, tolerance analysis method

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lack of work experience

Strengths: Initiative,independent and good communication skill. Past the CET4 and NCRE3A.
Weaknesses: Lack of work experience
Qpportunities: Willing to work under pressure with personnel at all levels.
Threats: Will to enhance interpersonal skills.chi hair straightener
Anything is possible!I am motivated and competent for the apply.
Career Objective:chi flat iron
To obtain a full-time or Intern with an emphasis in IE dept. Assistant / Purchasing Sourcing Assistant / logistics managementI majorly work on software R& D since I graduated from Monash University(Top 6 in Australia) with a master degree. I have more than 4+ IT experience. I've been promoted greatly through my past working practices on projects and career training programs during the last 4 years. cheap wedding gownsI am able to work independently and as part of a team in a customer-drivenhair straighteners, fast-paced environment. To sum up, I am a person with much gumption, cheap prom dressesstrong sense of responsibility, a spirit of devotion and a team spirit. The way to the dream
software life

adherence to deadlines and budgets

Work Experiences: working as QA/QC for about 12 years (working in Trading Ltd over 6 years) in textile industry
Linguistic: Good communication both Mandarin and Cantonese, and can read, write and speak English during working
I am responsible, positive and initiative. I can bear hardships and stand hard work, and I am used to working under high trainer Good communication with others and able to work independently, and have strong group team cooperative spirit.
Applying for: QA/QC in textile industrynike shoes
General Skills: Strong Quality Control skill in textile industry, and proficient in textile English, good practical experience of garment construction and the quality requirement. I have rich experience in trading garment quality inspection with AQL and good monitoring of the manufacturer’s production process, meanwhile follow up the production status, washing process as well as all kinds of embellishment, prints. During work, I always make decisions/Good interpersonal andnike shox communication skills.
Detail oriented; adherence to deadlines and budgets.
4 years people management skills/experience.
Good at planning, evaluation and execution (FME/FYE/AR/P&L).
Fluent oral and written authentic nfl jerseys
Know diplomatic etiquette very well, especially for Korean & Japanese.
SAP super cheap nike shoesuser and trainer of OTC part (operations, Order to Cash).

software life

Friday, May 14, 2010


defensive rotations, the offensive sets.true friends He’s really evolving into a real high-level category for him.” — Kevin McHaleSELFLESSNESS AND SACRIFICE
“He’s a team player and a very unselfish. He revels in the fact that his teammates are as successful as he is during the cocatching a glimpse of a lighturse of a game. The bottom line with LeBron is that he’s all about winning. He makes sure his teammates are part of their success because it’s the only way he canshines down to us be successful within the team environment.” — Bernard King“This is paramount. It’s critical to be a winner. There are players who have great talent yet selflessness is not one of Greater too than you can describethe attributes that they have. If you’re going to have a team that enjoys playing a team game, then your key player must have that attribute. He has it in spades.” — Jerry Lucas“He basically proved himself to be one who can play in this league and now that he knows he can, he’s getting other people to become involved. A sign of great player is when you make everyone else on your team better and that’s what he’s doing.” — John Havlicek“I look at LeBron James the same way I looked at Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan—he loves the game, loves to play. You can see the passion when he plays, it comes out of everytomorrow is another day one of his pores.” — Dolph Schayes
He’s about winning. He doesn’t care about how many points he scores, he just cares about how many games his team wins. That’s what you want in a great player.” — Rick Barry“Selflessness and sacrifice sums up the way LeBron plays on both ends of the basketball court. LeBron could have been the league’s leading scorer but his focus is on the bigger prize, the NBA championship.“Winning a back-to-back MVP is predicated on his style of play. He plays the game the right way.” — Scottie Pippen“His 7, 8, 9, 10 assists per night speak for themselves. He is a guy who believes in making his teammates better. I’ve seen him play games where maybe he’s taken two or three shots in the first quarter because he’s trying to get everyone else involved. He surveys the floor to see where he’s going to be effective on any given night.” — Dominique Wilkins“He’s very selfless. He’s a willing passer. I like the fact that late in games, he’ll take on the other team’s top scorer, ‘Hey, give him to me. I’ll shut him down.”“LeBron is not afraid to put himself out there. ‘I got him, put the game on me.’ More importantly, I’ll make the pass, I’ll make the play. He’s selfless. I like that part of him a great deal.” — Kevin McHaleAs he’s gotten older, he has a better grasp of the game and what’s important. He’s realizing that winning is the only important thing.It takes a little time for a player to understand because in many cases they have their own individual goals to establish themselves and he’s done all of those things. There is only one thing that is missing and that is winning and winning a championship.” — Billy Cunningham“He’s the ultimate unselfish player. He can score 60 points or 10 points, it doesn’t matter because he’ll still dominate the game.“LeBron goes end line to end line, willing to sacrifice his body. He ends up on the floor and in the stands. He’s in superior condition. He never seems to get tired even though he plays the game end to end.“Until he has it all—a title—he’s not going to rest.” — Julius Erving


“His basketball IQ is on the level ofJust have a little faith Bird, Magic and Jordan and their basketball IQ was off the charts. He’s developed a killer instinct. You see a certain fierceness, something he’s developed the last few years. His IQ is one of the highest I’ve ever seen.” — Bernard King
“LeBron understands the game, heput all this behind us knows the game. He sees the game developing in front of him. And as a result, he takes advantage of it.” — Jerry Lucas“Gaining perspective year by year, game byyou are the only one who feels betrayed game where he will become a great player in analyzing what needs to be done.”—John Havlicek“Phenomenal. He knows how to win and get things done. He’s observant and he knows what’s going on every second of the game and what is required to win.vaguely familiar to you” — Dolph Schayes“Fantastic. He has a great, natural feel for the game, which all of the great players really and truly have. I think he has a terrific IQ for the game of basketball.” — Rick Barry“Off the scale. He’s so far ahead of the game. Even before the ball is taken out of bounds, he’s already anticipating what his attack is going to be. He already knows what the defense is going to do.
“He’so young but he’s seen a lot of things and he knows how to react to them plus he has great anticipation. He has a phenomenal mind for the game and that is on both ends of the court.” — Scottie Pippen“He has an amazingWork will save you basketball IQ. You look at what he does outside of his scoring. He makes everyone around him better. He’s a great passer, a very, very good rebounder. From that aspect, he’s got a great basketball mind.” — Dominique Wilkins“It’s getting better. Sometimes there are too many people standing around, watching LeBron. I noticed him at times now getting his teammates involved in the situation, which I think is necessary because in the playoffs, teams are able to focus and have a game plan to limit the team.” — Billy Cunningham“He’s at the top. LeBron has that gift. Like Elgin, Oscar, West, Russell, Bird, Magic, Michael. They know before a game starts that if the game plan presented on the board isn’t going to work to perfection, then they’ll tweak it.
They’re ability to tweak it and tweak it quickly reflects a high basketball IQ. He has that gift.” — Julius Erving“He’s understanding who he is, what his team does, what they need to do to win. I think he’s evolving into a real high-level guy. He understands what they have to do to win, the